Welcome to Lorena Embroidery!

I am a designer and illustrator of great experience, carried out a wide range of embroidery projects from their first ideas or sketches for digital fulfillment industrially applied in textile production.

The inspiration and passion for what I know I have led to a wide range of styles. My goal is the highest level in order to help meet the quality requirements of the market as quickly as possible.

This is my challenge. I am grateful for his having accompanied me during my development and growth. By purchasing one of my products, you will have full access to more than one format at no additional cost.

I invite you to surf the web and take a look at the special requests section, where you can do custom orders based on themes and unique styles.

Thanks for joining my passion!

Art Director


Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

She is highly experienced in the textile and clothing industries, textile production, graphic design and image.

Contact e-mail: lorenavadori@lorena-embroideryart.com